Sakshi Tulsian Is The Inventor Behind Automating The Indian Restaurant Industry

Sakshi Tulsian

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Many a time it has been seen in the entrepreneurial world, that solving the problem one’s facing themselves, results in a terrific business idea. Yes, addressing and inventing for your own need, you realize along the way, that others should be having the same need too! And out emerges, an intriguing business opportunity that keen business minds dive into.

This was exactly the case with the POSist woman – Sakshi Bhasin Tulsian!

Sakshi had been majorly involved in her first company, a web development startup before POSist. Her love for cooking and interest to start a restaurant of her own actually paved the way for what was to come.

When Sakshi along with her husband (the other co-founder of POSist), did open their restaurant, they realized apparent gaps in the operations mechanisms of the industry.

Sakshi and Ashish’s restaurant was showing financial viability and profitable gains, however, it was not as easy to run as it seemed. The personal time, efforts and involvement required were extreme. Such that handling operations of the business was proving to be extremely demanding.

When running an eatery, there are tons of regular functions to look into. From handling inventory and stock management to avoiding pilferages and theft, from staff overseeing and checks, to managing payments, customer service and vendor relationships. These they realized could not be effectively managed when remote.

However, this got them thinking. They wanted to find a solution which could automate these functions and more so that all back-end operations take place efficiently on their own.

‘why not get some software to keep a watch on our restaurant numbers and permissions remotely’?

With a technical background in place, Sakshi and Ashish developed their own automating software to arrest the problems they were facing. They invented a system that could help ease out their own lives with respect to running the restaurant.

And thus came into existence POSist, a Saas-based eatery management platform automating back-end operations and enhancing front end customer interactions.

In fact, Sakshi and Ashish are known to not have created POSist from a business point of view in the first place. It was only when other restaurant owners started approaching the couple for the software, after seeing the value it was bringing to Sakshi and Ashish’s life, that the couple realized the entrepreneurial opportunity at hand.

What started as a sheer problem-solver, today boasts of 5000 customers in 100+cities and across 6 countries.

USP of the company if one may ask? POSist was the first of its kind providing holistic POS solutions for the restaurant business. What sets it apart is that Radhika along with her co-founder has especially differentiated it for food-related businesses only.

Specifically tailored for F & B, it works wonders for all scales of businesses in the industry – extensive food chains and franchise models, standalone stores and delivery based cloud kitchens.

Areas POSist can help with? All related day to day functions is automated providing the owners with real-time numbers and reports. These enable the business to always be on a close check even when the owner might not be physically present in the location.

Think management of waste, table orders, CRM, expenses, billing, take-away and deliveries, centralized menu and branches – all are looked into and included in the POSist.

More about the genius mind behind the invention, Sakshi herself?

Sakshi hails from the capital city of Delhi.

A great inspiration for her was her father. A self-made man who began working alongside his education and set up his own company by the age of 25.

In fact, he was only 16-years-old when he started his career. This was coupled with completing his Post-graduation simultaneously. Thus looking up to her father, naturally, Sakshi had the entrepreneurial bug in her ever since childhood, wanting to start something of her own someday.

Sakshi graduated from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, right after which she started working in a corporate job at the Sapient. She was too keen to enrich herself with work-experiences already and kick-started her career.

Post 2 years at Sapient, she went on to launch her first startup – Websanchaar. Another 2 years there, and then finally Sakshi found her calling in POSist in 2012.

Her role at Posist, as rightly put by her husband and the co-founder, Ashish is to ‘catalyze efficiency’!

Sakshi is a family oriented individual. She places importance on the support of one’s loved ones for truly enabling and pushing one towards success.

Sakshi says “My brother and I were given a lot of space to grow and involved in all important decisions made on behalf of the family,”

This, in turn, Sakshi believes founded the basis of her decision-making skills. The trait was honed right from her early life which stayed strong with her as an entrepreneur.

Sakshi’s role model? She aims to adopt the ways of Marissa Mayer. She loves that Mayer could break stereotypes. She managed top positions of corporate responsibilities alongside being there for her family.

Sakshi says, “She is an inspiration both as a woman and as an entrepreneur.”

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