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Multi-Vendor eCommerce Script Development

Looking for a Multi-Vendor eCommerce Script Development? Dreambeyond powerful script will ensure your product stands out from the rest

Multi-Vendor eCommerce - Script Development

Create your white-labelled multi-vendor eCommerce script by integrating multiple sellers, brands and categories with ease. Our Open Source eCommerce marketplace Software lets you combine both buying and selling operations seamlessly. Manage all your operations real-time with our robust admin dashboard. Our PHP Multi-Vendor Shopping cart script lets you rule both iOS and Android platforms. In short, your products will sell like hotcakes through our multi-vendor eCommerce script.

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Android And IOS Apps

Our eCommerce script is totally compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. We provide the best in-app features and easy installation in both these platforms.

Admin Dashboard

We provide a robust and all-powerful admin dashboard, this helps you take total control of the app and check the usage.

Vendor Dashboard

All the vendors who have on-boarded with you will get access to the Vendor dashboard where they can fill in details about stocks and other aspects of the business.

White Labeling

We provide the best white-labelled script for your business, your script is entirely yours.

100% Source Code Ownership

The script will be specially made for you and right from all the customizations to entire ownership rights will be given to you.


Your script is entirely private and you are the sole owner of the script. All the relevant access that you wish to have only resided with you.

Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace Features

Many Vendors, One Store

Product inventories from different sellers will be displayed under one single store in your brand’s name.

Seller Shipping Management

Each seller will be given a unique profile and can have any number of products depending on their membership plans.

Vendor Plan And Subscription

Admins can set different membership plans where the seller can subscribe based on pricing, and their subscription plans will be notified accordingly.

Product Approval By Admin

Review/approve new products with full admin control. Vendors cannot sell products directly on the marketplace without admin’s approval.

Manage Vendors/Customers

The site admin has full access to control, manage or block seller accounts and customer accounts.

Many Vendors, One Store

Product inventories from different sellers will be displayed under one single store in your brand’s name.

Flexible Commissions

Admins can charge commissions for every vendor sale based on different subscription plans either as fixed rates or on a percentage basis.

Mobile Commerce

Acquire personally customized native mobile apps for your eCommerce marketplace to enhance customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

Vendor Management

Handle a multitude of sellers across your platform, set preferred commission rates, check vendor information instantaneously.

Start Your Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Store

Grow your catalogue and eCommerce business exponentially. Warehouse storage is a big No towards revenue generation. In such a case the entire marketplace integrated with eCommerce model can help with this problem. Through DreamBeyond Multi-Vendor eCommerce platform the buyers can create orders for multiple paraphernalia which is segmented accordingly.

Multi-Vendor eCommerce Script LIVE DEMO

Get your Open Source eCommerce marketplace Software with Us. Here’s a demo to our sample app. Click the Button below and get a demo of the multi-vendor eCommerce script.