Implementation & Customer Support

Ensure Successful CRM and ERP Implementation With Dream Beyond

Dream Beyond offers industry-leading CRM and ERP implementation services and support to organizations of all sizes, regardless of location. Our expert implementation team does all this while ensuring there is minimum disruption to your business.

Our Process of Implementation

Dream Beyond’s ERP and CRM system integration helps businesses handle their core processes. Here, we understand your business goals and develop an implementation plan to impact CRM or ERP integration immediately.

Choosing The Right CRM or ERP

Depending on your requirements, we help you choose the right CRM or ERP system (e.g., Microsoft Dynamic 365, Odoo, or customized systems) for your business. In our meeting, we will gather information about what you are hoping to get. In the session, we figure out what technology you want in the future.


Dream Beyond provides in-depth, customized CRM and ERP system integration services to provide enhanced productivity and maximum ROI. Our adept teams of CRM and ERP consultants and developers have extensive technical and product expertise to customize existing features to meet your requirements.


Once we completely understand your business process and goals, our team will start developing specifications and implementation strategies to ensure your business is ready for CRM or ERP integration.

Data Migration and Integration

As you might migrate data from one system to another, our specialists will make sure there is a smooth migration to your new ERP or CRM system. We will not only assess the complexity of data but also handle all unique data migration challenges that you might face.

Training and Support

Once the ERP or CRM integration is complete, we will thoroughly review the system and train your team to ensure there are no future complications. As we have successfully integrated CRM and ERP for our clients from across the world, we offer industry-leading customer support service to strengthen our relationship.

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