Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase – The First Crucial Step of Project Development

At Dream Beyond, Discovery Phase helps verify ideas against business needs, narrow down the scope of the project, identify risks, and determine the implementation of the roadmap.

Our team of professionals conducts an in-depth idea analysis to determine users’ needs, collect product requirements, and develop solutions. Concisely, Discovery Phase helps us validate an idea, create a project roadmap, and finalize the project’s requirements.

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Discovery Phase of Software Project Development

An idea becomes a reality when it is nurtured through meticulous planning and development stages. The discovery phase serves as the foundation of any project as it can lay out the viability and scope of the project and ensure it has all the requirements and features needed to be successful. Dream Beyond is here to assist you in the entire discovery phase process. Our experts will establish a roadmap for the project while ensuring mitigation of any potential risks that may cause hindrance down the road.

Our experts evaluate your business, determine functional and non-functional requirements, and search for user’s pain-points before advising on system’s functionality and how you can address the issues with the designed software.

How We Manage The Discovery Phase

The discovery phase might take 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on the scale of your project. Dream Beyond has a tried-and-true process that comprises five steps:

Analyzing The Project

In the first important step, we collect all of the necessary information. Our business analysts try to understand your business goals, potential risks, and project’s feasibility.
The Findings

Presenting The Findings

Once we assemble information on analyzed needs and requirements, our technical professionals will discuss all the findings along with the project roadmap with you. This step helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

Going After Priorities

We try to find those critical elements that can be used in favor of timely and cost-effective software development work. We also determine and implement the highest priority requirements first to ensure everything is aligned from the start.
Project Estimation

Giving Fair Project Estimation

We provide you with an estimate and suggestions on how to move forward with your project effectively. Project estimation becomes more crucial for complex projects because it can help save your valuable time and money in the long run.


Our experts will create a prototype, wireframe, and final product design to provide you with a representation of the key features and the digital experience of the user. It helps in giving a clear idea of how your product will look and feel once completed.

Never Underestimate The Importance of Discovery Phase