4 Challenges in Conducting Clinical Trials and How to Solve Them


Running medical research is of utmost importance in this period of pandemic. Even more important, is to get results fast.

However, a team of healthcare professionals cannot achieve this if they don’t overcome the current challenges faced by clinical trial organizations.

Clinical Trial challenges faced by the clinical trial sites and CRO’s (Clinical Research Organization) in supervising clinical research as well known. If you are a site conducting clinical trials, then you would most probably agree that some of the prominent challenges seen in this field are:

  • Researchers often complain that they are not able to Recruit enough patients to meet the enrollment goals required for the study.
  • They don’t have enough personal or medical data of participants available while Pre-Screening/Screening
  • There is a high patient dropout rate before the study is completed because of Patient Compliance
  • Patient Retainment is another beast as the recruiters need to be aware of the patients who have completed a study or are almost near to complete an ongoing one.

These challenges can become a hindrance in the research process which may result in a lot of money and time wasted. Delays in recruitment particularly, is the one factor that clinical trials take longer to complete.

Dream Beyond has a very effective solution to cater these pressing problems faced by your site while conducting a clinical trial.

Introducing TriCal

Our team of meticulous software designers have created you a one stop problem solver.

TriCal is a simple yet very effective software CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) to cater the demanding clinical trial challenges. A system designed to automate and manage the day-to-day workflow of a research site. This system makes it easier to:

  • recruit four time faster
  • handle patients and their data with optimum accuracy,
  • organize and keep track of clinical visits and
  • manage patient-site communication.

TriCal is a much needed approach in this period of pandemic to oversee the workload of research sites and ensure smooth running of the study.

To know more about how TriCal can increase your recruitment process by 4X do not hesitate to contact us.

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